Is Surrogacy Still Possible Amid COVID 19?

Is Surrogacy Still Possible Amid COVID 19?

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Many are wondering whether it still makes sense to apply to serve as a surrogate in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. The answer to this question is that yes, the application and screening processes continue, and they often require a period of several weeks to be completed.

The clinical partners with which we work re-started transfer cycles earlier this year, following a temporary halt that occurred in the spring. Candidate interviews, medical records reviews, and psychological investigations are also being conducted by way of fully secure telemedicine-based formats. Matches between surrogates and families are still being facilitated, they are just being done through Zoom and Skype sessions.

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Should Surrogacy be Viewed as an Income Stream?

There are those who are under the impression that serving as a gestational surrogate is an effective way to generate additional income during times of financial strain, and that COVID and pregnancy may actually be a fruitful combination. While this certainly can be true to some extent, surrogacy is by no means an easy way to earn money. Most women who have been surrogates will attest to the fact that the process is often challenging and that it requires a massive personal commitment for an extended period of time.

Though it is the case that compensation for surrogates regularly meets or exceeds $40,000, and such a figure can certainly have financial benefits for entire families, that is just one of many reasons surrogates find the experience so fulfilling. Many are driven to serve in this way because it gives them the opportunity to help others achieve the dream of parenthood that might otherwise be impossible for them.

Candidates for surrogacy in our program must meet a series of criteria, and these include having a COVID and pregnancy history that is free from prior complications, falling within the 21-40 age range, leading a healthy lifestyle, and having a body mass index (BMI) or 32 or under.

The Facts About Virtual Consultations

Though there is certainly no substitute for meeting with prospective COVID and pregnancy surrogates in person, modern technology allows for a consultation process that is nearly as good. The virtual consultations we offer follow the same format as an in-person meeting. We spend no less than an hour listening to your personal background and learning more about your goals and expectations. We spend time reviewing compensation, connect you to a financial advisor, and explain the next steps in the process. This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective surrogates to ask and receive answers to any questions they bring to the table.

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Can one Rely on the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia’s Stability?

The ongoing success and stability of a surrogacy center should be carefully considered by any prospective gestational carrier. The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia has a solid track record of success and boasts financial stability on which candidates can indeed rely. Even amid the ongoing pandemic and the challenges it has brought, we have seen continued growth.

Providing added peace of mind is the fact that surrogates’ financial compensation is always held by a fully-insured, independent escrow agency. We are committed to preventing any co-mingling of monies and pride ourselves on the transparency with which we conduct all financial dealings.