Safety Information for Intended Parents

Safety Information for Intended Parents

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Because parenting during COVID is a challenge for everyone, many people wonder how the pandemic might impact the surrogacy process. The following common questions cover most of the pertinent information regarding the potential effect of the current health crisis. If you have additional concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly so we can help you stay fully informed about the many aspects of parenting during COVID. Our staff is here for you anytime you need us.

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Is the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia currently accepting applicants?

We certainly are! That’s because it’s possible to address many steps of the process even while working remotely. Our entire team is on the job. In fact, we’re all working diligently to make sure your surrogacy experience is all you want it to be. We know that parenting during COVID can add an extra hurdle to an already challenging process, so we do everything we can to make the journey as streamlined as possible.

What is it like to take part in a virtual consultation?

Meeting in person is great, but doing so via computer is a smart way to stay safe during the pandemic. In fact, our virtual consultation sessions accomplish the same goals as in-person meetings and allow for as much question-and-answer time as necessary. A typical session is about an hour long. We get to hear your story and fully understand your expectations and hopes. We’ll review the entire process of surrogacy with you, explain all the costs (in addition to our agency fees), and connect you with our SeedCoach financial experts. They’ll assist you with budgeting, setting savings goals, and identifying specific funding resources. After that, if you wish to work with other professionals to get more information, we’ll be happy to make referrals on your behalf. 

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Is there any reason to be concerned about the stability of the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia?

A reliable measure of an organization’s stability is how long it’s been in existence. Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia is not only financially sound but has been in business for more than a decade. Even in uncertain economic times, we have grown. Plus, we offer you peace of mind with a milestone-based payment plan. An insured, respected escrow firm holds your surrogate’s compensation in a separate fund for the purpose of full transparency.

Is it true that surrogates are merely trying to earn money in a difficult economic climate?

It’s not true, and here’s why. We know from experience that the surrogates in our program understand that the 15-month long journey is not an easy or simple way to earn money. There are multiple medical appointments, risks, injections, and a huge emotional commitment. Many prospective candidates are unable to get through our rigorous screening process. 

Every surrogate must meet multiple requirements, including the following:

  • Being able to pass local, state, and federal background checks
  • Having a current weight and lifestyle that are healthy
  • Being between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Having a pregnancy history that includes no complications
  • Being financially responsible and stable
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