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Exercise Suggestions for Women During Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, they owe it to themselves and their unborn baby to do what’s necessary to stay healthy. A woman who stays healthy during pregnancy greatly increases the probability they will experience a safe and successful pregnancy all the way to term. The reference to staying healthy involves both good nutrition and


Some decisions in life are very straightforward and require very little contemplation. Still, other decisions require a great deal of forethought because they are fraught with complicated issues. For most women, the decision about becoming a gestational surrogate would fall in the latter category. The fact that you are reading this information is likely indicative

Become a surrogate for a gay couple

Any person who is responsible and a good-hearted individual has the potential of being a great parent. Fortunately for most people, they will have that opportunity at some point in their lives. With that said, becoming a parent creates issues for people in the LGBT+ community. More and more, people across the U.S. are showing

Can I Be a Surrogate if I Have HPV?

According to a recent study done by the American Health Association, nearly 50% of all sexually active individuals have contracted some form of STI by the time they have reached 25 years of age. It has become so common that there really isn’t much stigma associated with such an occurrence. It seems to have become

Surrogate Health Requirements in Pennsylvania

For the protection of the intended parents, the gestational surrogate, and the future baby, all states require that prospective surrogate mothers meet certain surrogate health requirements before getting approval. While these standards may vary from one state to the next, there are some standard requirements that seem to be widely accepted all over the U.S.

The COVID Vaccine and Pregnancy: The Facts

Common COVID Questions We Hear There’s no question that the COVID pandemic is the biggest single health story of the decade. Maybe that’s why we hear so many prospective surrogates and intended parents asking about the safety of the vaccine during pregnancy. Indeed, this vital question is relevant to anyone considering becoming pregnant, not just

Can I Be a Surrogate if My Tubes are Tied?

The choice to be a surrogate mother is both challenging and rewarding. It’s challenging because of the mental, emotional, and physical demands the process puts on the surrogate mother’s mind and body. It’s rewarding because, at the end of the process, the surrogate mother will have given an otherwise childless person or couple the great


Qualifications for Surrogate Mothers At all levels, the surrogacy process is complicated and demanding. It requires that a surrogate (also called a gestational carrier) be mentally, emotionally, and physically suited to carry out their responsibilities. That’s why organizations like The American Society for Reproductive Medicine have set such high standards for prospective surrogate mothers. Here


Nothing is more beautiful than one person giving of themselves to help another person. Nowhere is that more evident than when a woman agrees to become a gestational carrier or surrogate mother for another. This is a grand gesture of the heart. The promise of compensation should not detract from what is really taking place.

How to Explain Surrogacy to Your Children

When you decide to become a surrogate parent, you will eventually wonder how to introduce the subject to your own children. Accept the fact that, children being children, they will ask about your pregnancy. Even young kids are exceptionally observant and want to know all the details about something new and different that they don’t

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