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What Happens If a Surrogate Mother Has Twins?

For the most part, pregnancies with multiples are a natural phenomenon. In other words, a woman will end up with multiple viable embryos in their womb quite by chance. Most of the time, the parents are shocked but accepting of the fact they are going to have twins or more. Similar situations occurs with surrogate

How Does A Surrogate Mother Get Pregnant?

Most of the conversations regarding surrogacy in the USA focus on the benefits and financial aspects of the process for the surrogate mother. At the other end of the spectrum, the conversation focuses on how intended parents can make their dreams come true with a surrogate baby. What gets missed many times in these conversations

Family Planning and Reproductive Health

According to medical community experts, family planning has been one of the great healthcare achievements over the last 100 years. The family planning process has played a vital role in population control throughout the world. It has played a vital role in the improvement of reproductive health for women of all ages. What is Family

Surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy is an important option for people who want to be parents but face limitations to doing so by natural means. In fact, surrogacy stands as the only option for an intended parent or parents who want to have some kind of generic connection to a child despite the fact the child wouldn’t be conceived

How to Build a Great Matching Profile

Do my pictures need to be professionally done?  How much information do I need to share?  Why do surrogates keep passing up our profile?  There’s no such thing as an ideal matching profile, but here are some tips for building a strong profile that will give a clear impression to the right surrogate for you.

Understanding the Matching Process

A surrogacy journey is comprised of ten major steps and we take pride in carrying Intended Parents through to the finish line.  Understandably, the matching process is often the main focus for most Intended Parents.  Every agency does it differently.   It is as much an art, as it is a structured process.   Here is a

How to Apply to Be a Surrogate Mother

While trying to decide whether or not you want to serve as a surrogate mother, it might make the decision easier to make if you knew the application process is very easy. In fact, our surrogate application in Philadelphia is available online, which means you can start addressing how to become a surrogate right from

What You Need To Know About Becoming a Surrogate Mother

As a young woman on the verge of accepting a role as a surrogate mother, you are on the edge of giving the greatest gift that one person can give to another. Without the giving nature of people like you, there will always be far too many deserving parents being denied the opportunity to raise

The Costs Of IVF Surrogacy

The fact you may not be able to conceive and carry a child by natural means might be a bit disappointing for you and your partner. Most people can certainly understand that kind of disappointment. However, you should keep your head up because all is not lost if you really want a child who is

Preparing Your Finances

The average cost of a surrogacy journey is around $87,000.  That is assuming you already have embryos ready to transfer into a gestational carrier.  While we provided a comprehensive budget for you after an initial program consultation, most Intended Parents still need help putting together their finances for their journey.  Did you know there are

Building families is our privilege

Every year Philadelphia Surrogates center serves couples & individuals from the Greater Philadelphia area and all over the world. As a local, full-service center for surrogate parenting, we are proud to support you on your journey.