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What Factors Influence Surrogate Mother Prices?

In a world where some people can’t bear children by traditional means, it’s wonderful that most states in the U.S. allow for surrogacy as a viable option. Of course, there is a price tag attached to surrogacy as an option. However, the surrogacy cost pales in comparison to the joy that intended parents get from the opportunity to raise a child of their own.

As a potential intended parent/parents or surrogate, you do have a right to know as much as possible about the gestational surrogate cost or average pay for a surrogate. That includes knowing what factors go into influencing the pricing.

Before proceeding, you need to understand that the average surrogacy cost will vary from state to state and fertility to fertility clinic. Is the differential between states substantial? Not really. Within a given state like Pennsylvania, you might actually find the cost to be very similar. With that said, we will be discussing the gestational surrogate cost at our Philadelphia fertility clinic, that being the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia.

What Makes Up a Surrogate Mother’s Compensation?

What Makes Up a Surrogate Mother's Compensation? Average pay for a surrogate

There are two general categories that makeup what ends up being the average pay for a surrogate at our clinic. Those two categories are the base fee and what we will refer to as extras/reimbursables. The base fee is a standard fee paid to all women who are selected and contracted to serve as surrogates. As for the extras/reimbursables, they might vary a little bit from one surrogate to the next based on circumstances.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the key compensation components.


While under contract to serve as a surrogate, the intended parents are obligated to make sure their surrogate has adequate insurance coverage. That’s a really important form of compensation for a surrogate who is unemployed or placed on emergency pregnancy leave.

Most surrogates receive comprehensive insurance coverage in three (3) areas. That would include medical insurance, life insurance, and loss of organs insurance. The medical insurance is intended to cover all health issues, including prenatal visits and delivery expenses. As for life insurance, we require that our surrogates get $250,000 worth of life insurance coverage while the loss of organs insurance would cover things like an emergency hysterectomy.

The value of this compensation would depend on the insurance carrier that was chosen to provide said coverage.

Insurance. Average pay for a surrogate
Maternity compensation. Average pay for a surrogate

Maternity compensation

Maternity compensation would cover things that are specific to pregnancy. That might include a one-time maternity clothing allowance of $500, additional compensation of $5,000 for carrying multiple fetuses, $150 a week for pumping and storing breastmilk, and reimbursements for childcare and housekeeping if the surrogate is ordered to bed rest.

Base compensation

The biggest portion of the average pay for a surrogate comes in the form of a base fee. The base fee is considered compensation for serving as a surrogate for the intended parent or parents.

At our clinic, first-time surrogates get a base fee of $35k paid in eight (8) installments, starting with confirmation of pregnancy. If a surrogate has prior surrogacy experience, they could be eligible for a base fee of $40K or more.

Base compensation. Average pay for a surrogate
Monthly miscellaneous allowance. Average pay for a surrogate

Monthly miscellaneous allowance

The monthly allowance is set at $200. It is intended to cover things like travel costs to and from appointments, and the little incidentals that the surrogate mother might encounter during pregnancy.

Invasive procedure compensation

In this category, the compensation would be given for procedures such as the embryo transfer procedure ($1,000 per transfer), and a C-section procedure if needed ($3,000). There would also be lump-sum payments of $500 provided for any other kinds of “body” invasive procedures that the fertility physician might prescribe.

Invasive procedure compensation
Lost wages

Lost wages

Surrogates often need time off to attend appointments. They might also be ordered to bed rest if issues were to arise. The surrogate’s health is always a top concern. If a surrogate has to miss any time from work beyond standard maternity leave, they would get compensated dollar-for-dollar for all lost wages.

Agency Fee

From the perspective of the intended parents, the agency’s fee is the catalyst that will get the surrogacy process started. The agency’s fee is intended to cover all medical procedures and the surrogacy selection process.

At our clinic, we charge $21K to be paid as follows:

  • $8K when the surrogate match is contracted
  • $6.5K when the pregnancy is confirmed
  • $6.5K at the 24-week mark of the pregnancy

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Surrogate?

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Surrogate? Average pay for a surrogate

As an intended parent or parents, the financial obligation of surrogacy is yours to pay. Based on your emotional and financial commitment to the process, we can only assume you understand the total price of a surrogate mother pales in comparison to the gift of a beautiful baby to call your own.

Above, we have laid out the compensation for the benefit of prospective surrogates. We want them to understand these numbers so they can set their expectations. We also want our intended parents to understand these numbers because they are liable for paying them through an “escrow” account.

As a potential intended parent or parents, you can expect the total price for a surrogate mother to be between $70K and $80K, depending on which forms of surrogate compensation might be required.

Note: Some items are somewhat negotiable. The conversation would have to take place between our representative, the surrogate, and you as the intended parent or parents. Whatever ends up being agreed upon will be memorialized in the final contract.

If you are contemplating accessing our services as an intended parent/parents or a surrogate, we encourage you to review the above information closely about the average pay for a surrogate. If you have any further questions or concerns, we would be happy to cover them to your full satisfaction. This extremely important process requires that everyone be on the same page with the same level of understanding about the costs.