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The Three Stages of Labor: What New Moms Need to Know

For some mothers, giving birth is over in hours. For others, it’s a real physical and emotional endurance test. The process of labor and delivery consists of three stages.  Stage one: Contractions begin to help to thin and open your cervix  Stage two: The birth Stage three: The delivery of your placenta So, here’s what

What A Surrogate Can Expect From An Embryo Transfer

For the surrogate mother and the the scheduled day of the embryo transfer is a big day on the surrogacy calendar. Assuming all goes well, this is one of the most important surrogacy steps in the entire surrogacy process. Why? This is the date and time that will technically be designated as the point of

Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy

Couples who plan to use the services of a gestational surrogate often wonder about the benefits of a gestational pregnancy to start a family. Likewise, women who consider becoming a gestational carrier typically have lots of questions about how they can get the most out of the process. Fortunately, becoming a surrogate mother in Philadelphia

How Much Do You Get Paid To Be a Surrogate?

At a very basic level, any woman who decides to serve as a surrogate mother is deserving of admiration. It takes a very special woman to agree to go through a full pregnancy for the benefit of intended parents who might not otherwise get the opportunity to be parents. In reality, a lot of women

Surrogacy vs Adoption: What Choice Is Best For You?

The day a person or couple gets the word that they can’t be biological parents is always a trying day and understandably so. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the end of the dream to one day be a parent or parents. What’s the saying, “when one door closes, another door opens?” When faced with

What is commercial surrogacy?

Both gestational and traditional surrogates have their own personal reasons for deciding to help intended parents become parents. In many cases, a big part of the reasoning points to the surrogate mother wanting to be of service to people who they feel deserve a chance to experience parenthood. Yes, compensation is often a factor as

A Short History of Surrogacy

What are the important facts about the history of surrogacy and the modern surrogacy arrangement that every intended parent and surrogate mother should know? Fortunately, you don’t need to study legal textbooks, to learn the pertinent historical events that led to the modern era’s overall surrogacy law scenario. In fact, the two most critical terms

Popular Books On Surrogacy You Should Read

Being a surrogate can be one of the most rewarding things a person does in their life. There are many reasons to feel good about giving the gift of life to someone else, but it sure helps to get a preview of the process before beginning your journey into surrogacy. In addition to a wide-ranging

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of men and women who want to be parents but can’t bear children of their own. It’s unfortunate when this happens because it leaves what would likely be good and loving parents without a child to raise. Fortunately, there is a viable solution for people who want a child and

Maximum age for surrogate mother

The surrogacy process is a big deal. It involves the union of a surrogate mother and intended parents for the purpose of fulfilling dreams. The biggest dreams belong to the intended parents who want a child to love and raise. The dreams of the surrogate mother are also fulfilled because she gets the opportunity of

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